What are the Best Methods for Body Contouring?

There are different categories of cosmetic surgery and one of the most popular ones right now is body contouring. It has become clear that people are more concerned than ever about their appearance and this means that the smallest of aesthetic issues may lead to negative effects. In case someone has concerns about their own physical features, it prevents them from enjoying their lives to the fullest, and in the case of some people, the issue cannot be rectified properly through any means other than cosmetic surgery. For them, procedures like body contouring are the final solution in the path to regaining their self-confidence. Most of the cosmetic surgical procedures connected to the body are collectively referred to as ‘body contouring’ and the main aim of these treatments is to alter the appearance of the body of the patients, which is generally achieved by removing the excess fat and other tissues along with the lifting of the remaining tissues.

Most popular methods: liposuction

Among the varied types of body contouring procedures available at clinics all over the world, one of the most popular ones happens to be liposuction. In this case, the surgeon makes use of a surgical tube known as the cannula and a suction device, the aspirator, in order to extract fat from the body. A tiny incision is made into the target area and the liquid is introduced to that portion of the body to balance out the quantity of fat being removed. The popularity of liposuction stems from the fact that it is extremely effective at addressing a problem that is faced by numerous people. Rather than being used as a weight-loss measure, it is mainly opted by healthy individuals whom despite copious amounts of exercise, are incapable of eliminating fat from certain areas of their body. Some of the common problem areas include the legs, midsection, love handles, and chin.

Understanding the basics of tucks and lifts

Abdominoplasty, commonly known as “tummy tuck”, is a common operation for women and the procedure seeks to tighten loose skin and excise any tissue leading to the appearance of looseness from the midsection. This can be a challenging, especially for people who have experienced significant weight loss as well as pregnancy. However, with the help of this operation, they can improve their looks. Depending on the extensiveness of the operation, incisions may be made in several locations but it is occasionally possible to complete the surgery with a single incision.

Body lifts target the buttocks and thighs. This procedure seeks to remove fat and possibly skin and tighten the remaining tissue in the target areas. The result is a tighter, youthful appearance.

Mode of Recovery from Bodily Surgery

Patients are often concerned about the duration of their recovery after the completion of surgery and they wish to understand what the recovery process will entail. Body contouring is no different but due to the size of the surgery, patients need to have realistic expectations concerning the period of their recovery.

How to recover post body contouring?

The process of recovery after an extensive surgery like body contouring may be divided into three phases depending on the experience of the patients at each phase. The phases include how the patient feels, what they are able to do, and what is happening with their surgical incisions. While discussing body contouring surgery, caution needs to be exercised about the nature of the procedures.

Initial recovery stage

The first phase of recovery from body contouring treatments occurs immediately after the operation. The patient is in pain and can carry out limited physical activity. They have to deal with drains and dressings. However, it should be noted that body contouring surgery is not really painful but more discomforting and it is common to experience a bit of stinging sensation along the incisions. The patient may shower after 48 hours without pain but they are restricted to sitting around or walking about their home. This phase is obviously the most difficult and usually lasts from 7 to 10 days.

Moving on to advanced stages of recovery

In the second phase, the drain comes out, the tapes are removed and the patients slowly start resuming daily activities. Their body is still sore but they no longer experience any severe discomfort. Some of the external stitches are removed at this stage, which usually lasts between 10 to 21 days. The patient can return to work if their job involves minimum strenuous activity. However, it is recommended that the patient should not work out. The incisions are going to turn red in three weeks as they begin to heal.

The final phase of recovery takes place after 3 to 8 weeks of surgery and during this time, the patient feels better. By the end of this phase, they can resume their normal lifestyle. However, minor problems are common during this phase and they might surprise the patients who suppose they have completely healed by then. This may include reactions and extrusions to dissolvable sutures, which the body tries to push out as they dissolve. This is also the time when seromas of fluid collection may take place in the body once the drains have been removed.

What Should You Understand about Bodily Surgery?

Body contouring is one of the most effective and popular means of creating a more aesthetically pleasing body as per the goals of the patients. However, it is advisable that the individual pay attention to some handy tips before they opt for body contouring surgery.

Which is the best surgeon for you?

It should be the priority of every patient considering body contouring to ensure that they are in the hands of a reputable doctor with the right set of skills and experience to ensure that the surgery goes off without any issues. They must have the right licenses to carry out procedures like plastic and cosmetic surgery. You should always thoroughly research the experience and specialization of the surgeon of the doctor before you take any major decisions. Ask them how long they have been involved in body contouring procedures. The majority of the surgeons will be able to tell you the number of procedure they have performed. It is not uncommon for the patient to question their doctor about past patient results and doctors may often have ex-patients who agree to allow the doctor to share their testimonials along with before and after pictures. You should check the license of the doctor with the appropriate state licensing board and search for any complaints. In case you do come across any complaints, do not hesitate to question your doctor about them. You might be satisfied with their response. If you are not, you can always opt for Dr. Ducic.

Consulting an expert prior to surgery?

As soon as you find a doctor who you feel is capable of taking care of your surgical needs, you should move ahead with pre-treatment consultation where you meet with your doctor in order to discuss your medical history, goals, and talk about the procedure or procedures that will be performed on your body. You should ask all the questions that come into your mind and ensure that your doctor completely understands your expectations and goals. Once you are certain that both of you are on the same page, you should get ready for your procedure and follow any pre-treatment instructions given by your doctor.